ECU tunings and Pops&Bangs

We’re mainly doing ECU tunings for various European cars such as Mercedes, BMW, Mini, Volkswagen, Audi, Maserati, Porsche, Lamborghini etc… The office is in Tokyo, Japan and our works are also well-known as a tuner which provides only Pops&bangs without ECU tunings at inexpensive price.
This time, we’d like to sell our products to people living in other countries than Japan. You have two ways to ask us the modification of your ECUs. One is that you ship the ECUs to us and return it in the same or a few days by EMS or DHL. If you hope another way, we’ll do the best. The other is that you purchase remote-tuning tools called Powergate3 (PG3) at addition fee($250.00). The image of PG3 is below.

It can be used for many cars made recently. To use a PG3, you need only a PC and Internet. If the ECU of your car is original, you can just insert it to OBD, read the data, move it to your PC and send the file to us by email. We’ll send the mod file ASAP. PG3s can also write back original data so they’re very useful. If you’re interested in our works and PG3s, please send a message!

What’s app or TEL: +819034051052