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ECU Tuning & Pops and Bangs

We offer car power upgrades and pops installations. We are the first shop to offer pops -only installation.

Remote tuning

Even distant customers can purchase a set of remote tools to perform ECU tuning and Pops&Bangs installation.

Be a dealer

We have installation agencies in Chiba, Osaka, Aichi and Miyagi, and would like you to help us spread mbFAST Tuning across the country!

AutoTuner dealer

We are the Japanese distributor for AutoTuner. We can provide ECU tuning & Pops and Bangs installation for a variety of vehicles.

"Many customers whose cars have been tuned by mbFAST Tuning are getting along with us and letting us known. Through our community, we are looking for some fun together."

"Alone, we exist; together, we live."

Mamoru Saraya

CEO, mbFAST Tuning

Remote tools and agencies

mbFAST Tuning recommends remote tool installation, ECU installation by post or installation by a distributor for those who cannot travel far to Tokyo where we are located. Our distributors are located in Osaka, Aichi and Miyagi. Please contact us directly to confirm the location or to make an appointment for installation.

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